“Everyone knows truckers have it hard, and they generally know that truckers are important to them. But do they care much beyond that? The answer is a definitive, no. As a result, trucking has become one of the most subjugated discourses in American history. Very few books or articles have been written or, as a matter of fact even read, about trucking. Not even one TED Talk exists on the entire subject. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

You see, truckers haul more than 80% of our daily use goods, a core function of our society’s operating model. Yet they struggle to make any money, they’re completely alone, and they’re separated from social circles. They have little to no life chances. They’re stuck.

And because of it, we’re stuck, too.

My new podcast, The Preppy Trucker, will cover critical industry issues that all underscore an emergent American crisis, one that has broad implications for all of American politics, economy, and culture for at least the next several decades. This includes things like the false promises of technology, the failures of our political system, the deficiencies in our education system, problems with public safety and regulation, and our American culture, it’s endless discord and irony.

I’ll share some crazy road stories, too. But that’s not all I’ll tell you.

Tune in for my first full episode titled: Angry Men Revisited.

Soon available on preppytrucker.com and on all major podcast directories, including: iTunes, Spotify, and GooglePlay.”

Tom Dankers

Tom Dankers

Public intellectual. Entrepreneur. Consultant. Trucker. Tom is the original “preppy trucker.” He sees things differently and holds a unique perspective on the trucking industry.

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