Welcome to The Preppy Trucker, your one-stop shop for insights related to the trucking industry. Various publications and lobby groups exist on behalf of truckers, but none of them provide the kinds of opinions you’ll find here.

What’s generally missing is a deep understanding of how cultural, economic, and political factors undermine the complex interworking of our trucking and logistics system. Though it’s easy to find articles on policy changes to HOS, e-logs, or threats to strike for higher wages, it’s nearly impossible to find well-written exposés that both analyze and recommend solutions to large-scale problems like the ever-increasing driver shortage or looming retirement bubble.

Make no mistake: trucking is critical to our American economy. Industry elites know the importance of their role in our complex system. But what’s particularly fascinating is that trucking industry leaders often focus on the wrong things and keep the industry moving at status quo (perhaps even in the wrong direction), even though political and economic conditions demand drastic change.

We’re stuck. And it seems like just about all of American culture is stuck these days. Politics. Business. Philosophy. Religion. You name it, we’re not really sure what’s next in our ever-expanding juggernaut of a bureaucratic and over-rationalized world. And for those of you worried about things like hyper-regulation, don’t. It’s hardly the big picture.

Long-lasting and meaningful change eludes our grasp as of yet, and there are many reasons for this. But the single most important factor is almost entirely latent, hidden from common view. Out of the thousands of TED Talk videos that exist, only one is dedicated to anything remotely related to the trucking industry. You can count the number of decent books written on the industry on your fingers, and for the most part only truck drivers read or listen to trucking-related blogs or podcasts. Which is all to say, credible interest in understanding the industry remains remarkably low.

Nobody outside the industry cares about what’s going on. And at a glance, it seems that efforts from the inside aren’t much better. Trucking companies have little incentive to invest in change, especially since most effective changes would run counter to their objectives. And politicians risk much to gain little by bringing up the repressed and stigmatized discourse that is “trucking.” Well-intended yet unsuccessful attempts in the past, and even now, by industry leaders and political elites to improve conditions leaves us with an emergent crisis in global supply chain management and the American economy. Almost certain erosion of our logistics system will occur, yet nobody’s addressing root problems.

Well, that’s where The Preppy Trucker comes in.

We’ve gone through several iterations since the inception of our idea. But in the end, we’ve dedicated this website as a portal for a serious body of work aimed at being the #1 resource for trucking industry change in America (big hairy audacious goal #1). We want to find root problems and popularize them to the point where, well, America can’t disregard them anymore.

On our site, you’ll find weekly blog posts covering a range of issues based on the experience of Tom Dankers, our Chief Editor. You’ll be able to listen to his monthly podcast series, aimed at deepening the discussion on issues ranging from public policy to technological innovation in the industry. And you’ll be able to access free whitepapers that highlight important issues and point toward solutions.

We gladly solicit your feedback and appreciate your role in this, too. Everyone who visits has an opportunity to be the new voice of the industry, and by extension, the future of our American economy.

Glad to have you with us.