If you thought it wasn’t possible, guess again! Welcome to the product of my double-life as both trucker and public intellectual: The Preppy Trucker.

Most people envision typical “preppies” as denizens of the bourgeios donning pastel polo shirts and boat shoes, and they imagine truckers as low-class folk wearing coffee-stained tee shirts and ratty jeans. One is classy, the other crude. One is smart, the other…well, not so much. They’re quite a bit different; at least that’s what most people think.

Strangely fitting both categories, I’m quite a rare blend. I keep my hair trim but my boat shoes at home; my linens washed but my boots dirty; my mug Evian water filled but my belly Waffle House full. I’m literally and figuratively smack-dab in-between two worlds, ironically bringing into each something the other has never, ever seen. It’s a fun story, indeed! But sorry to spoil the fun—the reality is actually rather grim.

Hardly a day passes by when I don’t see and feel the real pain that separates the worlds of the “haves” and the “have-nots.” The pain I’m talking about comes from two very sad realities: 1) America’s culture favors the elite few, and 2) prejudicial social conditions exist so strongly that they reduce the mass of human flourishing, no matter who it is you’re talking about. A complex system of culture values and ideologies underpins our American social landscape, but so many aspects of that system horrifyingly undermine our way of life—so much so, in fact, that we are almost incapable of eliminating the heart-wrenching weaknesses that plague our world and developing long-lasting solutions that would make it better. Almost.

There’s still hope for us. One goal of my blog is to shed light on the lives of people groups that are entirely misunderstood, forgotten about, and left in the social dust. You need to hear their stories and know how they live. I will share them. And hopefully, many of you will share your stories with me and my community of readers, too.

But my main goal for this blog is even bigger than that. I want to identify cultural weaknesses that signal areas for improvement and develop ideas big enough to enact meaningful change in our world, reducing things like social prejudice, poverty, lack of opportunity, and lack of adequate representation.

I believe that most people want a better world, but they often either don’t know how, who to help, or have the resources to do what it takes. Many people feel powerless to do much. Others are completely ignorant. But I think that if more people knew how bad conditions really are, the nuances and the stories, they would want to do more to help.

Most voluntary, community-oriented organizations have similar, well-meaning goals. But most of them either don’t think big enough or don’t have the resources to carry out their visions. My blog is all about empowering them (and anyone else who wants to make a difference) with the knowledge and tools they need to change their world.

I’ve developed a vision for this blog that will ultimately appeal to all kinds of readers. I promise, it won’t be boring. Some of the content might be tough to read, and some might not be the kind of happy-warm reading you’d sip to with a cup of morning coffee. But it’ll be important, and that’s why I’m doing it.

Though born from the life of just one person, The Preppy Trucker is much more than a personal blog. It’s a concept, and it’s a community. It’s a platform designed to bring people together, exploring the full range of American culture. The good and the bad.

So welcome to The Preppy Trucker! And don’t forget to enjoy my Instagram stories and photos along the way.