Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, we put two completely different lifestyle choices together and came up with a radical vision: The Preppy Trucker. When most people hear the words “preppy” or “trucker” some typical descriptions come to mind. Pastel polo shirts, boat shoes, and cable sweaters for one and coffee-stained white t-shirts for the other. Proper comb-over haircuts for one and Einsteinian, punk rocker cuts for the other. One is classy, and well…the other, not so much. And those examples are really just the beginning.

These descriptions are loaded with assumptions. And we make hundreds more like them every day about people and the myriad ways they live. Frankly, some are good, some are not. The goal of The Preppy Trucker is to challenge some of those assumptions by shedding light on the lives of a people group that is entirely misunderstood, forgotten about, and left in the social dust: truckers.

But this site isn’t intended solely for truckers, it’s actually intended for everyone. We’ve come up with a way to appeal to business professionals, travelers, academics, and even politicians by covering a broad swath of topics. Though born from the weird lifestyle choice of one individual, the “preppy trucker” is more than a person. It’s a concept. And it’s a concept designed to bring awareness to and about people that wouldn’t otherwise be given a second’s thought.

So welcome to The Preppy Trucker, a place where “tie rod ends” and “bow ties” mean almost the same thing. Join the adventure and keep on preppy truckin’!