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Truckers haul more than 80% of our daily use goods. They’re critical to our American economy. But despite their significant role in our society, they don’t get much attention. In fact, very few books or articles talk about trucking, and those that do don’t tell us much.

In a nutshell, here’s the story: the trucking industry is plagued with problems, and nobody knows how to fix them. Worse yet, if we don’t solve them now, America will suffer the consequences over the next several decades.

Which is why we’re here, to create meaningful, long-lasting change that makes a difference.

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Humans relate on the level of story. It’s how we express ourselves, what we like and what we don’t. It’s how we relate to one another.

And no two stories are the same, except in trucking. A truly remarkable thing, trucking conditions are equally terrible for all truckers. Whether they make $20k or $200k a year, truckers share the same experiences. And those conditions are different from every other line of work in America. This is why no one relates better to truckers than other truckers.

It’s also why stories dominate trucker talk. In fact, it’s all that truckers do. They tell stories, stories, and more stories. It’s endless.

Sadly, most of the stories you hear from the road don’t say much more than what happens or what things look like. To move toward real change, we need to use road stories as a starting point for real solutions.

Our blog shares the kind of stories that point toward powerful solutions.

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I'd love to write a book; but like most of us, I can't write well. Tom, you need to be our voice.

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What can’t be done with story must be done with good analysis.

Early on in my corporate career, a boss told me: “They’ve all got opinions, but I’ve got data.” He was right. Stories lead to opinions, but analysis leads to solutions.

Of course, analysis isn’t everything. In an industry that fails miserably to communicate its problems to the world, trucking needs a powerful, professional voice with good data and analysis to bring about real change.

When my friend and fellow trucker told me to be the voice for change, I immediately felt a weight and responsibility to play my part. So, I’ve created a podcast. It goes deeper than story telling, and it goes further than blogging.

Topics include: the false promises of technology, the politics of trucking, public safety, regulation, and American culture.

Tune in to learn about core issues that will impact the future of American logistics.

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