March 4, 2018

Sell a Watch, Save a Woman

When I was 8 years old, I saw my first James Bond film, Goldfinger, which commenced a nearly-unceasing fascination with luxury watches. In the 1960s…
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Tulsa Tea
November 29, 2017

Mechanics, Truckers & Critical Thinkers: The Upside-Down Absurdity of Our Culture’s Values

Would you guess that there are as many mechanics in the U.S. as over-the-road truck drivers? Over 1.5 million folks get down and dirty on…
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November 20, 2017

The Need for Culture Change in Trucking

Do truckers have a community? Surely, they must. But how could they? Simply defined, a community is a group of people that either live in…
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About The Preppy Trucker

The Preppy Trucker isn’t just a person, it’s a concept. It’s a professional space where industry leaders, politicians, and interested laypersons can gain a full view of the trucking industry–the good and the bad.

Sadly, you can count the number of well-written trucking books and articles on your fingers. There just isn’t much interest in trucking, neither writing nor reading about it. In fact, trucking is one of the most silent discourses in American history, and it leaves a class of Americans in dire straights.

Of what has been written, none of it goes far enough to explain the emergent trucking crisis. Trucks bring us 80% of our daily use goods, yet we barely notice truckers exist. Worse yet, our American cultural climate doesn’t support them. There’s little incentive to be a trucker today, and there’s little incentive to care about what that means for our society.

So we’ve devoted this website to thinking critically about the core issues and offering up potential solutions to problems. You’ll get economic, cultural, and political arguments. You’ll get stories. You’ll get entertaining discourse. And it’s all right here.

About the Editor

Tom Dankers

Chief Editor

Trucker. Consultant. Entrepreneur. Public Intellectual. Tom is the original “preppy trucker.” He sees things differently, and he holds a unique perspective on the trucking industry.

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